Your audience sends text messages to MuVChat using their regular texting service. Or any audience member with an iPhone can download and use the iOS MuVChat texting app which works exclusively with MuVChat and doesn't require a texting plan. The final option is to use a Windows computer and the Windows MuVChat Texting app.


"My teens had a really great time and they definitely want me to host another one."

"Everything worked great and the teens really enjoyed the texting. They were all eager to know when the next movie with MuVChat would be, which seems like a good response!"

" was great! We had 30 kids plus 5 adults (me + staff who never attend teen programs but were curious to see this work). They all got right into it...The movie was awful and as I watched I thought 'Oh no, everyone is going to leave' but not a single person left.They stayed to the end, texted to the end, they even lingered afterwards, and a few stayed late to talk about 'the next time.' So it was a brilliant success for us."

"It was very user friendly!"

Check out this article about MuVChat from Voice Of Youth Advocates:

VOYA MuVChat Article

You need a Windows PC with a DVD drive and the MuVChat software. Click on the icon to download the free software.

Find out more, download the PDF MuVChat user guide.

** NOTE - MuVChat requires Microsoft .net v4.0 (or above). If you do not have this, you can download and install it from below**

Microsoft .net v4.0 install

Q: How can I show the video on a projector and the control panel on the computer's monitor?
A: Before starting MuVChat, use Windows "extend desktop" option. 

Q: How much does MuVChat cost?
A: Click the Contact Me button and let's talk.

Q: Why doesn't the movie start after clicking Play in MuVChat?
A: Some DVDs won't automatically start the movie. They show trailers or display the DVD menu.  If this happens, you'll need to use your mouse to click the Play option on the actual video menu.